The Avengers reviewed

Posted on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - 16:30

What do you get when you put Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Incredible Hulk, Ironman and Thor into the one movie? And let’s not forget Nick Fury of course. That’s the question that everyone has been asking and for me, that question has been answered.

Directed by Joss Whedon (most known for his work writing the TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel") this film is action packed with plenty of opportunities for the superhero six to show off their superhuman abilities. Bringing these characters together is an interesting mix given the range of personalities that constantly clash and rub against one another. Tony Stark’s (Ironman) arrogance clashes spectacularly with Steve Rogers (Captain America) military sense of duty. The unassuming Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk) tries to blend into the background but his alter ego eventually winds up butting heads with the dutiful demigod Thor. And then there are Black Widow and Hawkeye who have been described as “two halves of a whole” by Jeremy Renner who plays Hawkeye.

The antagonists for this film are Loki; Thor’s power hungry adopted brother who has returned after falling into who knows where at the end of the movie Thor; and the Chitauri, an alien race who join forces with Loki in his quest to… Well, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out. In terms of familiar faces keep an eye out for Agent Maria Hill who is played by Cobie Smulders, better known for her role as Robin Scherbatsky in How I Met Your Mother as well as the returning characters of Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) and Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Greg).

Overall this movie is everything that the previews have promised and more. A must see for the comic book fans and the superhero movie fans such as myself. Seen the movie and want to offer your own opinion? Simply reply to this blog post to let me and others know what you thought of The Avengers.

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