Featured Face: Mill Park Customer Service Officer Janelle Dunstan

Posted on Friday, May 18, 2012 - 17:27

You may have seen our latest Featured Face at Mill Park library and wonder why she's got a twinkly spot of glitter on her face. Here is where you find out why ...

What do you do in your role?
Apart from customer service duties and an excessive use of glitter for a variety of purposes, I run a range of children’s programs including Just for Kids and story times for children with special needs. I also chat to some interesting people as part of the English Language Café and card making workshops

How long have you worked at YPRL?
Since June 2010.

What do you like about working at the library?
I like being able to borrow 60 books at a time, and enjoy running spectacular school holiday activities.

What do you like about Mill Park Library and the area?
The staff, patrons and large windows make Mill Park library a lovely place to work. When I am not working I frequently visit Mill Park and surrounds for the following reasons: Savers Mill Park, Spotlight and  The Plenty Tip Shop.

What is your background?
After studying Fine Arts and Museum Studies and working at a few museums and galleries, I decided to move into the world of libraries. While studying Information and Knowledge Management I have worked at Monash University Library and Mill Park Library.

What are your personal interests?
Reading, singing loudly to small children and making things out of paper...
which explains why I like my job.

Favourite Books
I go through phases but at the moment I am concurrently obsessed with teen fiction and feminist non-fiction. I am having a good time reading Life Of a Teenage Body Snatcher by Doug Macleod and have just finished How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. It is currently my favourite book, so much so that I desire to move to England so we can be best friends.

The Life of A Teenage Body-snatcher The Life of A Teenage Body-snatcher

How to Be A Woman How to Be A Woman

Favourite TV Shows
I am an indiscriminate TV watcher and enjoy a lot of the entertainment it has to offer me. Currently I am really enjoying Offspring, The New Girl and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

Offspring Offspring (Music from the original TV series)

Favourite Movies
Some of my favourite movies are Summer Hours, I've Loved You So Long and The Secretary. However a large portion of the movies I watch are trashy romantic comedies.

Summer hours
I've Loved You So Long

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