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Magazines from the Library for iPad and Tablet
9:30 am Rosanna

Preschool Storytime 2014
10:00 am Lalor

Preschool Storytime
10:00 am Ivanhoe

Toddler Time
10:00 am Mill Park

iPad for Beginners
10:00 am Thomastown

Tea and Technology
10:00 am Ivanhoe

English Conversation Practise Group
10:00 am Ivanhoe

Internet Basics
10:00 am Diamond Valley

Android Basics
10:00 am Mill Park

iTots (Transport)
10:30 am Mill Park

WATSONIA LIBRARY is closed from 5.00pm this evening (Thursday 31 July) due to power issues.

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    "Liked this book also, had a good storyline to it"

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    maria68 on Thirteen Weddings

    "Had the chance to read this book and read this one very quickly. It would have to be Paige Toon's best work and her writing just keeps improving with each novel."

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    "cool book!"

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    terryginz on Killer Heels

    "Killer heels has a few twists and surprises. The book did not disappoint me considering how much how I had expected from this book. It's a good read."

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