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Preschool Storytime 2015
10:00 am Mill Park

iPad Basics
10:00 am Rosanna

T for Technology
10:00 am Eltham

Yack and Yarn
10:00 am Eltham

Toddler Time
11:00 am Diamond Valley

Tech Help
11:00 am Mill Park

English Language Cafe
11:00 am Mill Park

Baby Storytime
11:30 am Mill Park

Craft Club
1:00 pm Mill Park

Introduction to Windows 8.1
1:00 pm Rosanna

All branches will be closed and the Mobile Library will be off-road for Easter from Good Friday, Friday 3 April until Monday 6 April, and on ANZAC Day, Saturday 25 April.

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    punk3 on Seriously-- I'm Kidding

    "I found this to be a marvellously insightful book. The stories have a witty charm, just like Ellen herself. A great light read for anyone who loves to laugh."

  • about 5 days ago

    Rosedubs on Dark Places

    "Took me awhile to get into this book. But once I did I couldn't put it down...I kept thinking I knew who had murdered who? The twist at the end was worth it!!!"

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    CharizardMaster on Shadow

    "It wasn't as good as people said it was "

  • about 1 week ago

    Kettle on The Happiest Refugee

    "This is one of the best biographies Ive ever read, easy to read, fast paced, funny, emotional, no holding back. LOVED it. And, Id really like to meet his Mum! Dont hesitate to read it."

  • about 1 week ago

    MarionAn on Everything Is Illuminated

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    MarionAn on The Painted Veil

    "Yes, a film I return to every so often, and feel a wistful affection for. It has astonishingly great cinematography, and one of the most poignant love stories of modern times (I also loved The English ..."

  • about 1 week ago

    MarionAn on Enough Said

    "It seemed like an homage to a Seinfeld episode with the embarrassment and awkwardness. Catherine Keener seems to be in every other movie at the moment, and Julia not in enough movies or tv as I would ..."

  • about 1 week ago

    MarionAn on All Is Lost

    "It was a relief to watch a film without all the tired cliff-hanger punctuations, as the experienced and resourceful pilot reacts to each event or problem and there is an overarching sense of realism a ..."

  • about 1 week ago

    EB01 on The Amazing Spencer Gray

    "I read this to my 8 year old son. It was superbly written, we were able to relate to the characters as they were real and it was set in Australia, the characters were extremely likeable and the story ..."

  • about 1 week ago

    jr3083 on Burial Rites

    "Its all been said before. Beautifully rendered setting, emotionally controlled. Very very good."